Declaration of Sustainability

Combating corruption and bribery represent the key element of our activity considering that our main operation principle is the observance of the law without reservations or compromises.

Annually, Andgeros provides the sustainability report of our collaboration to be used in your own intra-group business and non-financial reports.

Social & Personal

  • Employing people ensuring gender equality and respecting the rights of the employees;
  • Ensuring optimal working conditions and employees consultation, as well as ensuring workplace health and safety;
  • Decentralizing the workforce in order to identify employees / partners from disadvantaged or less developed areas;
  • Assuring the remuneration at European level without compromises or legislative non-observance;
  • Assuring new and improved work and protection equipment periodically;
  • Observing the professional working rules;
  • Assuring continuous professional development for drivers and the entire team;
  • Increasing the living standard and life quality among drivers.


  • Decrease of the CO2 footprint at the Company level as well as for its Clients;
  • Use of the most clean technologies for the road freight transportation;
  • 27 tons load through the 27 tons Andgeros Project to generate fewer deliveries and substantial savings accordingly;
  • Client implementation of the most efficient methods to decrease the amount of market placed packaging, to reduce the waste quantities, to increase the reusable packaging quantities, as well as to increase of the number of reused cycles.
Andgeros is one of the few companies of Romania that implements and observes the sustainability conditions for its own business and employees, as well as for its Clients.